Judge To Finally Begin Seating Jury In YSL RICO Case: Why Selection Has Taken So Long

The jury will finally be seated in the high-profile YSL RICO case involving Atlanta rapper Young Thug. Judge Ural Glanville shared that he will begin seating a jury today, 11 months after the initial start of jury selection. 

Defense attorneys have asked for a speedy trial which must be granted due to Georgia’s law. 

Young Thug and co-defendants have remained in jail since May 2022. His attorneys have asked for a bond on multiple occasions only to be denied. 

There are several issues that caused the jury selection to last so long. The main issue was that many of the potential jurors submitted a claim for hardship. The potential jurors are likely turned off by the high-profile nature of the rapper’s case and the possible length of the trial.

With over 300 potential witnesses, some expect the trial to last about nine months. As a result, potential jurors would need to commit to being available until the summer of 2024.

Potential jurors were questioned through a 37-page survey which asks questions such as, “Do You Listen To Rap,” and “Do You Believe Rap Lyrics Are Autobiographical.” Because rap lyrics are likely to be used as evidence against Young Thug during the trial, the prosecution and defense will likely ask jurors about their fondness or dislike for hip-hop. Potential biases against or in favor of hip-hop could be a factor when choosing the jury. 

There has also been issues with conduct of potential jurors. In January, a potential juror reportedly skipped jury selection to go on vacation. Judge Ural Glanville told deputies that he wanted the juror to return to Atlanta and be placed in jail or his courtroom once she returned. Glanville punished the juror by forcing her to write a 30-page essay.

In April, another juror was sent to jail for three days for filming jury selection with a cell phone camera.

And two weeks ago, a juror who has a home in Cobb County, Georgia told the judge that he could serve on the jury because he often stayed with his mother who lives in Fulton County. 

Young Thug was arrested along with other members of YSL (Young Slime Life). They were charged with the RICO Act by Fulton County District Attorney, Fani Willis.

Young Thug says that YSL is a record label, not a gang. 


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