How Google’s Bard Allows Business Professionals To Work Smarter, Not Harder

Google’s generative AI experiment, Bard, continues to introduce ways to help business professionals increase productivity. Whether you’re looking for a new career opportunity, seeking creative company-focused activities, or looking to generate a press release, BARD can provide an assist. 

Jules Walter, Group Product Manager, Bard, shared how the tool can help professionals. 

“Bard was created to help you explore your curiosity and augment your imagination—not just by answering your questions, but by helping you build on them. As a business professional, you can use Bard to get ideas off the ground, help you save time and be even more productive,” Walter said in a statement to ADW. 

Below are examples of how BARD can be used. 

  • Starting a new job? Looking to make a career pivot? Bard can help you get started on your job prep needs.  To do this, users can offer the simple prompt:

    • Ex. “What are some powerful words to use on my resume that show leadership?”

    • Ex. “Write an email to my recruiter to accept the Social Media Manager job offer and negotiate a later start date.”

  • If you are wanting to generate creative content, Bard can offer revisions or alternative ideas. This definitely helps in those moments where our minds have hit a brick wall.

  • Are you in charge of planning the employee mixer but have run out of ideas to break the ice? Prompt Bard to make an amazing game:

    • Ex. “Create a party game for 30-50 year olds that focuses on team building.”

  • Writing press releases can become time consuming, Bard has the ability to write your announcement drafts, which can save time (giving you a chance to get off early!)

    • Ex. “Outline my blog post about summer mocktail recipes.” 

  • As social media continues to influence how consumers receive product information, Bard is being used to structure social media plans for businesses. A sample prompt is below for this:

    • Ex. “What are some ways I can increase my engagement on Instagram? I’m a travel blogger.”

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