Fulton County Prosecutors in Donald Trump RICO Case to Try All 19 Defendants Together

Despite any objection from the 19 defendants in the Donald Trump RICO cases for participating in a conspiracy to overturn the 2020 Georgia election, and extreme vitriol on the part of the former President against Fulton County Prosecutor Donald Trump, prosecutors have decided that should not be severed and that all of the defendants should be tried together for a more efficient and equitable process.

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis said last month in announcing the charges that she wanted to try all 19 defendants together. 

But while the former president continues to maneuver and attempt to side-step the law and the charges leveled against him, and his 18 other cohorts have submitted themselves for booking in the Fulton County jail and have subsequently bonded out, at least five of the defendants are requesting that their cases be heard in a federal court. 

Meadows, Trump’s former White House Chief of staff like the others railed against Fulton County Prosecutor Fani Willis, and attempted to get their trials moved to a federal court, claiming that since their alleged crimes took place while serving in the Trump Administration their cases should be heard by a federal judge. Meadows also believes that a federal judge would be more sympathetic to his pleadings and he could perhaps get off with a lighter sentence.

On Friday, Sept. 8 though a federal judge ruled that Meadows’ role in efforts to challenge the 2020 election results in Georgia fell outside the scope of his official duties, so his case should remain in Georgia state court.

“The Court concludes that Meadows has not shown that the actions that triggered the State’s prosecution related to his federal office,” U.S. District Judge Steve Jones (a Barack Obama judicial appointee) wrote in his decision, “The Court concludes that Meadows has not shown that the actions that triggered the State’s prosecution related to his federal office,

Four other defendants including a former Justice Department official and three pro-Trump activists have also requested that their cases be removed from Georgia and transferred to federal court.

Those requests remain pending with Judge Jones.

Most of the other defendants have filed motions to be tried alone or in smaller groups to expedite their trials and ultimately the verdicts.




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