Atlanta Hawks, State Farm Arena Hosts 2023 Million Meal Pack, 5,000 Volunteers Help To Combat Food Insecurity

Food insecurity remains one of the biggest issues in Georgia. According to Feeding America, 1,156,660 people are facing hunger, and of them 335,720 are children.

To combat this issue, the Atlanta Hawks and State Farm Arena hosted the 2023 Million Meal Pack as 5,000 volunteers supported by packing 1,020,672 meals. 

“By getting 5,000 people out to do this, it really shows the spirit of Atlanta,” Atlanta City Council-member Doug Shipman said during an interview with ADW. “It shows how Atlanta comes together to help each other. I’ve got my daughter out here today. So it was important from a family perspective to serve and show what it’s like to come together.”

Crystal Renee Hayslett. Photo: A.R. Shaw
Crystal Renee Hayslett. Photo: A.R. Shaw


Atlanta rapper Domani shared why it was important for him to help support the initiative and influence others to do the same. 

“I feel like the energy you put out into the universe is the same energy you’re gonna get right back,” he said. “But this is what we do. Putting out the energy you want to see back in the future.”

Actress Crystal Renee Hayslett of the hit show “Zatima” also showed support by volunteering. 

“I feel like everything that you do has to be done from the heart,” Hayslett told ADW. “You have to share and give, and then God will continue to bless you. So I stand on that.” 

The packed meals will be distributed throughout the metro Atlanta area with the operational support of U.S. Hunger, a hunger relief organization with innovative programs designed to help feed people struggling with food insecurity. Additionally, 12 other local organizations will help distribute the meals including Atlanta Community Food Bank, Community Assistance Center, Fountain of Hope, Georgia State University Panther’s Pantry, Goodr, Hope Atlanta, Latin American Association, Midwest Food Bank, Meals On Wheels Atlanta, North Fulton Community Charities, Second Helpings and the Salvation Army of Metro Atlanta.



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