R. Kelly Gets Royalties Judgement Just in Time

A judge has ruled that R&B singer R. Kelly‘s remaining royalties cover the half a million dollars owed to his sexual assault victims, and just in time for him to pay victims more than $500,000 in restitution. Kelly’s Universal Music Group catalogue royalties are valued at $567,444.19. The restitution and fines still owed to his victims amounted to $506,950.26, leaving him approximately $60,000 and some change toward the $10.5 million judgment for using terrorist threats to sabotage a Surviving R. Kelly screening.

Although Kelly claimed that he was broke before, during and after this trials for sexual assault and abuse, the courts aren’t buying it. The fact that Kelly, who was sentenced to 30 years in prison, is still getting royalties stems from the fans who continue to buy his music. 

In December, a new album, I Admit It, was released unknown to Sony Music and Kelly’s attorney, but was quickly removed. The record label and his legal team claimed they didn’t know how his new music was shared with the public.



Compared to the latest judgment against R. Kelly, those losses were just the opening act.

Read about the $10.5 million settlement against R. Kelly for terrorist threats at a Surviving R. Kelly screening after the flip.

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