Jazmine Sullivan Loses Mom to Breast Cancer, Singer Encourages Women to Fight

Songstress Jazmine Sullivan, noted for her remarkably relevant messages of mending broken hearts, self-care and compassion and an avid spokesperson for breast cancer awareness and treatment sadly announced yesterday that her mother lost her battle with the dreaded disease on over the weekend.

The two-time Grammy Award-winning singer, 36, announced on Instagram that Pamela died on Saturday at age 64, nearly four years after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. “I don’t have the words yet mommy. So for now I’ll say thank you, thank you, thank you.”

In an exclusive interview with the Atlanta Daily World Sullivan spoke at length about her mother and her influence on her life and career. “I was raised by a strong, strong Black woman … Everything I do and everything I am is because of her,” Sullivan said  .”She saw that I had a gift and she nurtured it the way a parent should and I am so grateful to her. I always knew I was going to be a singer and I owe that to my mom,” Sullivan continued. 

The beloved ingenue who also partnered with the More Than Just Words campaign to join the battle against breast cancer and encourage women of color to test early and regularly for breast cancer went on to point out that self-respect and balanced living are, and continue to be, the cornerstone of a good life. The Philadelphia native’s authenticity comes in large part from drawing on a collection of true life experiences to expand and deliver her life affirming messages.

“Forty percent of Black women are more likely to die from breast cancer than women of other ethnic backgrounds. More than Just Words is making those facts known and emphasizing to women the importance of early detection,” Sullivan said. “Everything I do is centered around Black women. I am a Black woman and I care about us.”

“My mother knew I could sing and just like any good parent she nurtured my gift and protected me,” Sullivan continued. “I just want Black women to do the same for each other.”

The award-winning singer is noted for being a powerful voice and advocate for Black women, encouraging open and candid conversations woman-to-woman about the issues that affect them. Not only does the ingenue want to establish and nurture sisterhoods among women, but she is also equally passionate about the well-being of women.

In her commitment to women and the quality of life overall for women, Jazmine Sullivan is reaching back and reaching out to Black women and women of all cultures to love themselves enough to take care of themselves which is in large part evidenced by her work with the More Than Just Words outreach campaign, a national organization that is bringing its resources to bear on breast screenings for women where they are.







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