Georgia Black Republican Council Certifies Black Conservative Candidates For 2023 Municipal Elections

Georgia Black Republican Council (GABRC), an Allied Group of the Georgia Republican Party, on Thursday certified more than 20 Black Conservatives in a Municipal Elections Recruitment Program ahead of the November 2023 municipal elections.

The organization has been in the news lately and it’s profile elevated with the defection of State Rep. Meesha Mainor who earlier this week defected from the democratic party to join the Republican party and become Georgia’s first Black woman to serve as a Republican in the Georgia General Assembly.

Black Conservatives from across the state who are interested in running for local offices in cities and consolidated governments participated in a six-week course offered by the GABRC Training Institute. The curriculum focused on the qualifications for running, operations of municipal government, taxation, budgeting, etc. Candidates were provided in-depth training on what it takes to run a successful municipal campaign and equips them for governance once the election is over. The candidate qualifying period begins Monday, August 21, 2023.

“Municipal governments are unique, with a separate Charter mandate from state, county, and federal governments,” said Dr. Camilla Moore, Chair of the Georgia Black Republican Council. “While local mayors and city councils do not address broad issues such as education, their jurisdiction over local issues is more impactful on the daily lives of local citizens. Because local government is the closest government to the people, electing Black Conservatives to these positions provides an opportunity for good conservative governance that lowers taxation, supports public safety, and controls government spending.”

The GABRC Training Institute will offer Candidate Recruitment Training for county and school board positions in the fall of 2023.

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