The Lot Water Project Teams Up With ZuCot Gallery To Host Clean Water For Luveve Gala

The Lot Water Project aims to provide clean water for schools and communities in Luveve, located in the region of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Thus far, they have drilled six water wells and boreholes and positively impacted over 30,000 residents,

On May 25, the organization will team up with ZuCot Gallery to host Clean Water for Luveve Gala. 

ADW recently spoke with Innocent Hadebe, executive director of The Lot Water Project, who spoke about the event and initiative. 

Let’s start by talking about this organization. How did it get started? 

I grew up in Zimbabwe, specifically in Luveve. About three years ago, 13 people died because of drinking bad water. I felt the need be part of the solution. So I started a GoFundMe initially to drill just one well. We were able to raise enough money to drill one well in 21 days. But upon doing that, we realized that there was a bigger need to help the community. That’s when we started the Lot Water Project. 

What has been the impact thus far?

We’ve drilled six wells, two of those are in the community, and three of those in schools, and then the sixth one is in a church. We are directly impacting around an average of about 18,000 kids. Overall, we have directly impacted about 30,000 people in the community. When we first started, people were getting sick from the water. But now, we are not experiencing as much sickness as we were experiencing three years ago.

How did you get connected with ZuCot Gallery in Atlanta?

 I work with the gentleman who owns ZuCot Gallery, Omari Henderson is a friend. The Clean Water for Luveve Gala is as taking it to a next level. So we will be able to double the number of wells that were drilled in three years in four months. It means now we are employing people. We have some people that are doing surveying for us so in order to keep that operation going, this scale is going to help us in twofold. Making sure that we continue to drill as many wells and bring the clean water source to everyone in the community. We hope to take this to other African countries as well.

For more information visit, The Lot Water Project

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