Rick Ross Car Show at Atlanta Home Will Not Go On As Planned

Much to the delight of rapper Rick Ross’ neighbors, the high-profile annual car show hosted on the grounds of his palatial estate just outside of Atlanta will not be allowed to proceed according to county officials.

Rapper Rick Ross’ car show slated for June 3 has been denied after county officials said the event is “not in compliance”.

According to a letter sent from the director of planning and zoning for Fayette County, the event that is supposed to be at Ross’ home is not in compliance with the Fayette County Zoning Ordinance.

Rick Ross’ neighbors in the Promised Land community in Fayetteville, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta were initially mortified that the Rozay rapper would be allowed to hold his annual car show after they filed complaints and provided signed petitions to the county officials’ office.

Neighbors of rap impresario complained that the ensuing and ostentatious event, which was scheduled for June 3, is a major distraction and disturbance of the peace in this sleepy, bedroom community and severely impacts their way of living. Ross responds that the neighbors just haven’t lived next door to a noss before. 

The extravagant event in addition to the fact that Ross is raising gigantic buffalo in his yard, cutting down his own trees, and now, hosting a car and bike show –replete with a star-studded concert – on his vast property on Hwy 279, has become more than they can bare and although many filed grievances with the Fayette County Board of Commissioners, Ross’ show will go on.

“I have the petitions here that we signed,” one neighbor told the Fayette County Board of Commissioners meeting on April 25, 2023, according to Yahoo.com. Another neighbor said that “Our quality of life was unnecessarily compromised.”

“We feel locked out. It took me 40 minutes to get out of my subdivision,” another said with dismay. 

The car show was expected to attract another 6,000 people into the small subdivision, which they have pointed out is not zoned to facilitate a concert, car and bike show.


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