Welcome to the BMW Museum and BMW Welt in Munich, Germany

When traveling through Munich, Germany, Bavarian Motor Works (BMW) enthusiasts must pay homage to the brand’s rich heritage by visiting the BMW Museum and BMW Welt. They combine nostalgia with futuristic architecture, a profound transformation, and fascinating insights into the present and future of mobility. The BMW Museum brings over 100 years of automotive fascination, innovation, and dynamism to life through various exhibits, from the storied 3 Series and fascinating BMW Art Cars to the glorious M Brand and BMW motorcycles (aka Motorrad). You will also receive deeper context on the meaning of the BMW and M logos, the motorsports pertinence of the immaculate M1, and the importance of the 3, 5, and 7 Series models. Visitors can also book a tour of the BMW Group Plant, located directly across the street, to witness the assembly of a BMW and its 24,000 parts.

Are you ready to experience “The Ultimate Driving Machine” firsthand? If so, visit BMW Museum and enjoy greatness in the making.


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