Pieces Of Us By Us To Be Featured At 2022 Black Women Expo In Atlanta

Pieces Of Us By Us is a Black-owned, woman-founded company creating modern, fun, and vibrant jigsaw puzzles that showcase the work of contemporary artists of color.

The company will be present in Atlanta at the 2022 Black Women Expo on Dec. 17-18. Owner MiChelle Risby shared her thoughts about her company’s participation at the 2022 Black Women Expo

What can Black Women Expo Atlanta attendees expect to see from you at the expo?

Pieces Of Us By Us makes puzzles from original pieces of art from the work of some of the dopest, most talented artists of color worldwide. Our stories and lived experiences matter, but it’s also about who is telling them. Our history is vibrant, but it is also jagged. We can be found in many of the most significant movements and innovations worldwide, and these puzzles aim to tell that story.

What is some advice you would give to someone starting a business/organization?
Don’t give up! When things are getting uncomfortable, that’s your signal you are outgrowing your current space to make room for bigger.

What have been some of the biggest hurdles/challenges of building and/or maintaining this company/organization?
Our biggest challenges are and have been scaling and funding. Trying to find ways to fund the business is the one thing holding us back.

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