Herschel Walker Goes On Bizarre Rant About Vampires, Werewolves During Campaign Speech

Herschel Walker gave another nonsensical speech as he aims to become a U.S. Senator. During a campaign speech in McDonough, Ga., Walker went on a rant about a movie he recently watched called “Freak Night.”

He gave his interpretation of the 1985 film which is titled, “Fright Night.”

“I was here watching a stupid movie late at night hoping it’s gonna get better, it don’t get better but you keep watching anyway. Cause the other night, the other night I was watching this movie — I was watching this movie called “Fright Night,” “Freak Night” or some type of night but it was about vampires,” he said. “I don’t know if you know but vampires are some cool people, are they not?”

Walker continued to share insight on the film and claimed that he didn’t want to be a vampire anymore. 

“But let me tell you something that I found out: a werewolf can kill a vampire, did you know that?” he said. “I never knew that. So I don’t want to be a vampire anymore, I wanna be a werewolf.”

Walker went on with the rant and attempted to compare the vampire to Sen. Raphael Warnock.

“Now this is an actor, he’s all fake, he’s blessing the house with his holy water. They walked upstairs, and this vampire, looking real good in this black suit — whoa now that sounds like Sen. Warnock now, doesn’t it?” Herschel Walker said. “Looking real good in this black suit, floated from the ceiling, he floated from the ceiling looking good, and cool. And I’m thinking, whoa, you better get out of your house. If somebody floats from the ceiling get out of the house, that’s not your house.”

Herschel Walker ended his rant by searching for a way to make it relevant to anything that’s occurring in terms of politics and the election. 

“As he floated by the ceiling, the kid jumped behind our hero, and as he jumped behind the hero, the guy jumped in front of him with the holy water, thrown it on him, on the vampire’s forehead. He covers his eyes,” he said. “Then he took his hand away. He started laughing. He said, ‘that don’t work.’ He took the cross, put it on his forehead, on the vampire’s forehead, and the vampire didn’t even do anything. Now he said, ‘that don’t work,’ and that’s the way it is in our life. It doesn’t work, unless you got faith… we gotta have faith.”

The incident provided more evidence of Walker’s lack of preparedness when it comes to holding an office in the U.S. Senate. On Dec. 6, he’ll face off against Warnock in a run-off election. 

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