Raphael Warnock Encourages Voters Ahead Of Run-Off, Blasts Elimination Of Saturday Early Voting

Sen. Raphael Warnock urged voters to return to the polls on Dec. 6 as he faces off against Republican challenger, Herschel Walker. On Nov. 13, Warnock made an appearance at Lil Baby’s Fall Festival held at Morehouse College. 

“We’re going into a run-off one more time and we want you to be ready to vote,” Warnock told the audience at Morehouse. “Early voting is November 28 through December 2.”

Warnock also took a moment to shed light on the recent elimination of Saturday early voting which means that voters will have less days to vote. 

“Let me tell you how important your voice is, already they’re playing games with us,” Warnock said. “We can’t do early voting the Saturday after Thanksgiving because there’s a state law that says you can’t do the voting after this holiday. What holidays are they talking about Thanksgiving? It’s a Georgia holiday that used to pay tribute to Robert E. Lee. So you can’t vote on Saturday because of Robert Lee’s birthday. If you think your vote doesn’t count, let me tell you it counts enough for folks to be playing games to keep you from using it.”

Warnock ended his speech by telling attendees to encourage others to vote. 

“Tell everybody in your circle it’s time to show up,” he said. “I want to represent you in the United States Senate. And to not vote, it means somebody else is going to speak on your behalf. I don’t want anybody else speaking for me. I’d love to continue representing you in the United States Senate.”

View video of Warnock’s speech below:

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