Carson Lueders Talks Working With Jermaine Dupri, Quavo, And Viral Moments With The Hawks

Carson Lueders began to make a name for himself at 14-years-old after initially connecting with super producer, Jermaine Dupri. During his work with Dupri, Lueders would meet the Migos. Several years later, the rising artist would connect with Quavo again as the two collaborated on the song “Toxic.”

During a recent Atlanta Hawks game at State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Lueders, 21, took a moment to share his thoughts on working with Dupri, Quavo, and making it in the music industry. 

He also took a moment to perform his viral dance with Hawks cheerleaders. 

You were introduced to the music industry initially though Jermaine Dupri, what was it like working with a legend?

I was in Introduction to the music industry while I was working with JD when I was growing up. He gave me so much wisdom in the music industry. He taught me different things. And it’s just one of those musical people that you always respect, you know. And so it’s nothing but love for JD.  Anytime you’re working with a historical kind of producer, someone like Jermaine Dupri, it’s a surreal moment. Just to be a fly on the wall to see how they work and how they operate. It’s really cool and I feel very grateful and blessed to be able to be in the same room.

You were able to meet Migos a few years back as well. What was that first meeting like?

They actually posted me on their Instagram. I was kind of popping on YouTube at the time. We took a photo and they post it on Instagram. So shout out to Migos! 

It’s interesting that years later you would collaborate with Quavo for the song “Toxic.” How did that come about? 

Basically my manager was sitting on the plane, and he actually sat next to Quavo and they started chopping it up. And he played the record for him and we actually ended up on FaceTime. He recognized me from a few years ago. We sent him the song and he made it happen. 

What advice do you share for new artists on maximizing their reach?

Someone out there will like your stuff. You have to put yourself out there, follow your dreams and be true to yourself. When it comes to social media, you have to be consistent. Your people want to see you, so stay consistent with your posts. And always be creative. 

View Carson Lueders’ dance with Hawks cheerleaders below:


@atlhawks @ #TrueToAtlanta #TOXIC

♬ TOXIC (feat. Quavo) – Carson Lueders

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