Stacey Abrams Taps Charlamagne, 21 Savage To Reach Black Male Voters

With Election Day approaching, Stacey Abrams continues to make a push to become Georgia’s next Governor. Abrams believes that she has a chance to make history if she can reach a segment of voters that are often ignored by most candidates.

Abrams is seeking to inspire Black male voters and recently tapped Charlamagne The God, 21 Savage, and attorney Francys Johnson.

Held at The HBUC in the West End community of Atlanta, the event allowed Abrams to share her vision for Georgia.

“What Stacey has done as far as mobilizing people and bringing people together to come out and vote has been incredible,” Charlamagne shared with ADW. “Without Stacey, Georgia definitely wouldn’t have flipped from red to blue during the Presidential Election. She’s always showing up.”

Abrams also spoke with ADW and provided insight on why it was important to have a conversation moderated by Charlamagne.

“Charlemagne is one of those voices that changes the conversation,” Abrams told this publication. “I’m also so proud to have Francis Johnson with us who ran the NAACP here in Georgia. We can’t let polls tell us who we are. We’ve got to show who we are on Election Day. We have an opportunity in 60 days to change the future of Georgia and to secure access to so many things. Whether it’s jobs, housing, health care, and making sure that the small businesses get the resources they need. But that means that we have to have everyone show up and my mission is to make sure we’re talking to everyone.”

During the conversation with Charlamagne, 21 Savage, and Johnson, Abrams spoke directly to Black male voters and shared how her opponent has failed that segment of the population.

“Black voters are not monolithic,” Abrams expressed. “We are always going to look for a leader who is going to respond to our needs and Black men in particular. And so my job is to not only say what I will do, but to point out what’s happened under the current governor. Black men are more incarcerated. He has eliminated access to many of the programs that were put in place for criminal justice reform. He’s made it harder to re-enter society.”


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