Herschel Walker Reacts To ‘Music Midtown’ Cancellation Due To Georgia’s Gun Laws

Herschel Walker recently shared his thoughts on the cancellation of “Music Midtown.” Walker, the Republican U.S. Senate candidate, held a press conference following his appearance at the “Black Small Business Roundtable” at RNC Black American Community Center in College Park, Georgia.

During the press conference, Walker was asked his thoughts on Live Nation cancelling “Music Midtown.”

The festival, which was set to take place in Piedmont Park on Sept. 7, was reportedly canceled due to Georgia’s lax gun laws. A resident from Monroe, Georgia threatened to sue Live Nation if they were not allowed to bring their gun inside of the festival.

Passed by Georgia’s Republican-majority legislature, the Safe Carry Protection Act allows people to carry guns in bars, schools, churches, and on publicly owned land like Piedmont Park. However, some musicians have a clause in their contracts where attendees are not allowed to carry guns.

In April 2022, Kemp signed a law allowing residents to carry handguns in public without a license or background check.

Walker expressed that he did not know much about the cancellation. “I don’t know a lot about that, but I would love to learn a little bit more and I’ll get back to you,” Walker said. “But right now, I think right now with the screening for guns and all this. I believe in the Second Amendment. You have to have the right to bear arms, but not to shoot my fellow citizen. The right to bear arms was against government. We didn’t want the government to get out of our reach, which it seems like that’s what we’re doing now. So the right to bear amrs was to protect yourself against the government.”

Walker was joined by by Republican National Committee (RNC) National Spokesperson and Director of Black Media Affairs Paris Dennard and Albany City Commissioner Jalen Johnson for a roundtable featuring three local Black female small business owners to discuss the negative impacts that Joe Biden and Raphael Warnock’s disastrous economic agenda have had on Georgia’s Black-owned small businesses.

Walker also issued the following statement: “This campaign has always been about the people of Georgia, and I appreciate the opportunity to listen and learn from hardworking Georgians in my listening sessions — like the Black female entrepreneurs I met with during the Black Small Business Roundtable at the RNC Community Center. Democrats like Joe Biden and Raphael Warnock have no clue what is really going on and how their federal policies are making it harder for entrepreneurs in Georgia to succeed. Raphael Warnock has done more for Joe Biden than he has done for Black Businesses. I will always have their backs when I get to Washington.”

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