Killer Mike, 2 Chainz Urge Atlanta City Council To Reject Ordinance That Aims To Reduce Nightlife Crime

Atlanta-based rappers Killer Mike and 2 Chainz appeared at an Atlanta City Council meeting to speak out against the proposed “nuisance” ordinance that could impact nightlife in the city.

In an attempt to reduce crime at nightclubs, lounges and bars, the ordinance seeks to target nightlife businesses that have a history of violent incidents. The ordinance would allow city officials to shut down nightclubs and bars that have two or more “violent conduct or crime” reports over a two-year period.

The ordinance will also prevent a loophole by owners who attempt to avoid closure by changing the name of the business or transferring ownership.

Killer Mike and 2 Chainz believes that the ordinance could be detrimental to the city’s nightlife which is nationally renown. 2 Chainz, who owns several restaurants and bars in Atlanta, shared his thoughts at the council meeting, according to WGCL.

“I’m Tauheed Epps, but my professional name is 2 Chainz, I actually own a couple businesses in the city, Escobar and Escobar Seafood,” 2 Chainz said. “I’m very blessed and I also like to be a blessing to others, and that’s what my businesses have allowed me to do. I brought up a real dear friend to me, Michael Render, I would like to yield it to him so he can really talk about the bigger picture here.”

Killer Mike also spoke, providing insight on how the city’s entertainment industry helps to create jobs in Black communities and drives the economy.

“As Atlanta grows, corporations are going to be coming into here and somebody is gonna have a nightlife,” Killer Mike said. “The owners of Hard Rock [Cafe] or the owners of Hooters or the owners of a W Hotel, or it’s gonna be the little people that went to Frederick Douglas, and Southwest DeKalb, and schools like that.”

Killer Mike also noted that Atlanta artists have often helped politicians by saying, “When politicians come around asking for donations and votes from the city’s “singer and dancers and club owners… we oblige you.”

He ended by saying, “Do the right thing and send this back to committee.”

Council members decided to review the matter and will delay a vote on the ordinance for two weeks.






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