Fulton County Inmates Forced to Pay for Protection [Warning Explicit Video]

Inmates Suffer Violence, Fear for Lives

In a recent incident of “pay to protect” in Fulton County jail, an 18-year-old inmate, Quajavous Johnson placed a desperate call to his uncle and asked him to put $25 on another inmate’s commissary account, pleading that if he didn’t he might be stabbed.

He had in fact already been stabbed twice during the two months he’s been in the Fulton County jail.

During the call the offending inmate harassing the teenager took the phone and instructed the uncle, to make sure the Cash App payment had been sent, issuing thinly veiled threats regarding what might happen to the teen and the uncle.

Following the disturbing phone call, the uncle wrote a letter to jail officials imploring them to look into the matter.

In a statement to Fulton County Day wrote:

My nephew (Quajavous Johnson) was seventeen when arrested several weeks ago on misdemeanor charges here in Atlanta, GA. He has since turned eighteen while incarcerated and has been stabbed on two separate occasions at Fulton County Jail on Rice Street here in Atlanta, GA, as he awaits court. 

I have called the jail multiple times to bring matters of stabbings from other inmates and unfair treatment by correctional officers to their attention.  Unfortunately, nothing has been done. Nor does anyone seem to care. I have even visited the jail on more than one occasion to voice concerns, even running into Fox 5 News Deidra Dukes and attempting to share with her my dire concerns about inmates’ safety. 

At this point, Quajavous is being extorted for money while incarcerated by the Crips at the Fulton County jail. My nephew is calling me, begging and pleading for me to cash app money to an unfamiliar number in lieu of his life. After doing so once, the extortion continues. I have recorded a call with my nephew and the assailant took the phone from my nephew (See Attached). #TakeAListen

I fear for my nephew’s life and mine at this point for bringing this matter to light.  Quajavous Johnson deserves fair treatment and safety while an inmate at Fulton County jail.

Assaults on inmates at the Fulton County jail are not uncommon, and the relatively recent discovery of a “pay for play” scheme has inmates and officers on high alert for inmates being extorted for money. 

In addition, jail conditions at the facility, commonly known as “the dungeon” have been described as “deplorable,” “medieval” and unfit for habitation.

Fulton County Commissioner Khadijah Abdur-Rahman toured the jail in February of 2021 and left convinced that the county should abandon the current facility and build a state-of-the-art detention center.

“I saw what most Fulton County citizens have never seen, and if they did, they would be horrified,” said Commissioner Khadijah. “There are inmates sleeping on the floor because of overcrowding, and the living conditions are worse than what we see in third-world countries or war zones.”

 Fulton County Sheriff Patrick Labat said the incidents are under investigation, but added in a statement on “Fox 5″ fights happen in jail.”

Johnson remains in jail on a $750 bond. He is charged with breaking and entering.



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