Killer Mike Enlists Dave Chappelle, Young Thug for New Video on American Race and War


Killer Mike stands as an emcee who often draws on history to shed light on present-day issues. In his new video, “RUN,” the Atlanta-based rapper takes viewers on a cinematic journey that depicts how race and war have always remained present on American soil.

The video, directed by Adrian Villagomez, opens with narration from Dave Chappelle who delivers a sermon more so than jokes by saying, “You just gotta keep going, you gotta keep storming that beach (of Normandy), you gotta keep running. Ain’t no rhyme or reason why, it’s not you on the ground, but as long as it’s not, you better keep your feet underneath you. Keep ‘em moving. Ain’t no time to be scared, but even if you are, what [expletive] difference does it make?”

Released on Independence Day, the video captures the moments before an army of Black men and women run directly into the path of armed white supremacists, drawing a comparison to the American Revolutionary War and Civil War.

Killer Mike, who is offering his first solo release in 10 years, calmly walks through the chaos while rapping, “Politicians lie and your favorite rapper is a con, don’t check for me without a check for me, that’s a hund’ (bluest), Only Ls I wear is followed by Vuitton (Louis), Get money and the power, teach them while they’re young.”

The images of historical Black figures such as Frederick Douglass, Booker T. Washington, Jack Johnson, Shirley Chissem, Sojourner Truth, Fannie Lou Hamer, Tommie Smith, and John Carlos are also present.

Atlanta-based rapper Young Thug steps in for the second verse. Currently awaiting trial after being indicted under the RICO Act along with other members of his YSL crew, Young Thug finds himself in a position where his First Amendment rights could be stripped as his rap lyrics will be used by prosecutors in his upcoming trial.

The video concludes with an image from the battle being immortalized in a museum, suggesting that Black people have always had to run to and fight for freedom in a place known as “the land of the free.”

View the video for “RUN” below:



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