Police Say They Have Enough Evidence To Bring Charges Against Kanye West

Photo: Getty Images

The Los Angeles Police Department says it has gathered enough evidence to bring charges against Kanye “Ye” West in connection to a battery case involving a fan.

Law enforcement sources told TMZ that they’re nearly done investigating the incident in which Ye allegedly punched a fan seeking an autograph outside of an LA hotel. The outlet reported that the man’s nose was broken after Ye punched him.

Between paparazzi photos and witness statements, police think there’s enough evidence to charge the “Junya” rapper with a crime. Sources told the outlet they’ll soon be making a decision whether to officially move the case to the LA City Attorney’s Office where criminal charges would be brought against Ye.

Police said they wanted to interview Ye himself, but never got the opportunity because of his busy schedule.

If the LAPD does send the case to the city attorney’s office, three things could happen: charges are filed, the case could be rejected or the attorney could get all involved parties together for an informal office hearing –– where they could potentially agree on certain conditions for the case to go away entirely, including mandated anger management classes.


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