Kasim Reed for Atlanta Receives Endorsement from Georgia Association of Black Women Attorneys

Kasim Reed for Atlanta Receives Endorsement from Georgia Association of Black Women Attorneys (GABWA)

Atlanta, GA – Today, the Georgia Association of Black Women Attorneys (GABWA) endorsed Kasim Reed for Mayor. GABWA has an active membership of women and men in the legal field whose mission it is to nurture, support and galvanize the power of Black women attorneys, advocate for women and children and empower their local communities.

“We are very excited to once again endorse Kasim Reed for Mayor of Atlanta,” said GABWA leadership. “GABWA’s Political Action committee fully vets each candidate in races statewide and endorses only those with a platform and vision that aligns with our mission. We believe Mayor Reed’s exemplary record and leadership abilities will best serve the needs of the communities we represent across Atlanta and by extension, the state of Georgia. Mayor Reed has the full weight of GABWA behind him.”

“I am deeply thankful for the endorsement and support of GABWA,” said Kasim Reed. “For decades, GABWA has served the interests of communities throughout the City of Atlanta and the State of Georgia. Their elevation of the legal profession and advocacy for their communities cannot be overstated and I will continue to work with their leadership and members to amplify the critical voices and community work of their organization.”

When Mayor Reed was in office, he illustrated his commitment to the advancement of women in Atlanta with a cabinet that was more than 60% women. Additionally, Reed appointed four Black woman Judges to the Municipal Court and created the Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiative (WEI), the only city-funded initiative of its kind in the nation that empowers emerging women entrepreneurs with access to the critical assets, capital and resources necessary to launch, grow and sustain their businesses.


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