Kasim Reed Raises $1 Million Dollars in 20 Days

After announcing his candidacy for Mayor on June 10, Reed receives unprecedented support from more than 500 donors

Atlanta, GA – Today, Kasim Reed for Atlanta announced the campaign has raised more than $1 million in 20 days. Within 24 hours of announcing his candidacy for Mayor on June 10, Reed raised a record-breaking $550,000. Since then, the campaign has received an outpouring of support from grassroots donations and from community and business leaders across the city.

“I have long viewed Atlanta as a tapestry of communities and neighborhoods whose diverse residents are its strongest asset. Over the years, we have seen Black, Latinx, AAPI, LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, White, young and old all living in one place and working to accomplish a common goal — to keep building on our prosperous international city that is universally recognized as the economic and cultural engine of the Southeast, where opportunity thrives and where everyone has a shot at realizing their dreams,” said Reed.

“But that tapestry has been frayed now and needs to be restored. Atlanta needs to be loved and rebuilt in a safe and trusting manner, where every voice is heard and where everyone feels safe to go about their lives, no matter their zip code. Today’s announcement is a testament that the voters in our city believe I am the best person for the job. When I am elected for a third term, I will get to work on day one to tackle our most pressing issues and make Atlanta a city everyone can feel proud to call home.”

Despite entering the race later than every other competitor, Kasim Reed for Atlanta has outraised the entire field of mayoral candidates in less than one month.

In addition to strong economic growth during his two terms as mayor, Reed successfully led a series of sweeping reforms to address the city’s $1.5 billion unfunded pension liability, enjoyed an effective partnership with Governor Deal that resulted in substantial investments for the state and city, produced eight years of balanced budgets with no property tax increases, increased the city’s cash reserves from $7.4 million to $200 million, and received eight consecutive credit-rating increases.

Upon entering office, Reed hired more than 900 police officers, creating the largest police force in the City’s history. When Reed left office in 2018, crime was at a 40-year low. He also improved fire-rescue response times and re-opened all the city’s recreation centers as safe havens for young people.

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