John Legend says shelter-in-place has been a good thing

John Legend and outspoken wife Chrissy Teigen are that couple. Legend reportedly is making the best of the shelter-in-place edict amid the coronavirus pandemic and beams that he has  “really enjoyed” being at home with the family as they have him.

The “All of Me” hitmaker said his brood – Luna, four, and Miles, two, whom he has with his wife Chrissy Teigen – are loving the extra time they get to spend with their famous dad.

Legend says he has regular “dance parties” with his children where they test out some of his brand new material, and admits bonding with them over the last few months has been “so good for their development”.

“At home we have dance parties after dinner. We have the kids’ favorite Disney songs and pop songs but we listen to Daddy’s music too,” the crooner told The Sun.  “They are one of my focus groups. I wrote “I Do” with Charlie Puth and it is their favorite song.”

“In lockdown we’ve been spending so much time with my kids and they have really enjoyed that.
It’s so good for their development with the age they’re at,” Legend continued. “They have never seen me so much.”

The 41-year-old Legend confesses he’s adjusting to the new normal pretty well and says he’s grateful to be in a position to weather the pandemic and changes to the daily routine pretty painlessly.

“I feel like we’ve adjusted pretty well. We’re fortunate, of course. We have the resources to deal with everything we need to deal with in a pretty painless way. We have our family unit and we love our kids and love hanging out with them. And they especially love being home with us 24/7. We’re making the best of a wild situation.”

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