Here’s how you can maintain Solidarity and Support when protesting is no longer popular on social Media

On Tuesday, thousands took to their social media in honor of “Black Out Tuesday”. A beautiful movement that calls for a pause from normal engagement, branding, and any other obligatory posting to honor, grieve, and focus on ways to insight true change in the wake of the passing of George Floyd. Using an all-black image, supporters acted in unity to promote their demand for justice and an end to police brutality. With trending hashtags such as #BlackLivesMatter and #JusticeforGeorgeFloyd there comes another trending question, What’s next?

In a powerful declaration made on Instagram, the NAACP posted “Our oppression has reached its boiling point”  It has. The call to action is apparent, requires follow through, and cannot waver based on a recognition-based attention span. Changes are driven by money, power, and policies. In case you, like many others, are not sure how to continue to push for change and provide support here are a few guidelines and credible resources for you to choose from.

If you want to Donate:

The Official George Floyd Memorial Fund

Black Lives Matter Movement:

Bail Funds:








If you want to write an email:

This link will re-direct you to an email template pre-written for you to easily add your information and will be sent directly to Minnesota government officials.


If You want to protest:

Know your Why- Clearly define objectives, grievances, and desired outcome.

Know Your Rights– Although restrictions can be enforced on the time and location of your protest, the First amendment grants you the right to assemble peacefully.

Organize, Strategize, Execute– Promote the organized protests to the public using your platform, orchestrate a day, time, and location, prepare to protest, and follow through.

Keep it light– Bring water, a snack, hand sanitizer, and a mask. Dress accordingly. Leave valuables and other items in a safe location.

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