Payne is currently charged with with felony murder, malice murder, aggravated assault, false imprisonment and possession of a firearm during a felony.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports Payne told police that she followed the elderly Herring after she claims to have witnessed him hit a car and flee the scene. The Fayetteville resident says she called 911 and reported a hit-and-run, against directives from the 911 operator, followed the elderly man pick-up truck for about a mile.

Although Herring was experiencing a medical emergency she eventually cut him off and blocked him from driving. She got out of her car and attacked Herring with her gun.

Bystanders say she shot Herring in the stomach and killed him. In a 911 tape played in court, Payne can be heard screaming at Herring while the operator asks her to stay in her car.

A video from a bystander shows Payne changing her clothes after allegedly shooting Herring to death. “She had a bad girl vest on but after she shot him, she ran in the car, changed clothes; she put a pink little sweater on,” the witness reported.

Police later confirmed that Herring did not hit Payne’s car and have even questioned whether Herring’s pick-up truck was involved in the initial accident at all.

Clayton County District Attorney Tracy Graham Lawson said in court that Payne tried to present herself as a police officer during the situation, shouting orders at Herring. According to WSB-TV, Lawson said Payne “sounded like cops on a TV show.”

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports Hannah Payne, 21, told police that she followed Kenneth Herring, 62, after she claims to have witnessed him hit a car and flee the scene. The Fayetteville resident says she called 911, followed the elderly man for about a mile. 

There remains some dispute over who the initial aggressor was in the case. Witnesses, such as Nicole Jackson, alluded to Payne as the aggressor. The onlooker reported to the police immediately after the physical altercation that she watched as the woman approached Herring with a gun and ordered him to exit his truck.

“All of a sudden you hear a ‘pow’ and she got on her phone immediately and was like, ‘He pulled the trigger,’” Jackson added.

However some Clayton County officials are calling Payne a “Good Samaritan” and have inferred that Herring physically assault Payne.