Introduces Dollar Scholar for Millennials

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Dear Millennials, is about to help you tighten up your financial habits.

“Money is messy. Let’s figure it out together,” is the mantra of‘s Dollar Scholar, an inaugural newsletter about millennial finances that launched this week.

The newsletter will go out every Wednesday morning with insights from financial experts to cover personal finance, answer burning financial questions and address the trials and tribulations concerning millennial spending habits.

“I know firsthand how difficult it can be to navigate personal finance,” says Julia Glum, the writer behind it. “With Dollar Scholar, I hope to give readers useful, relatable and digestible advice on money issues big and small in a highly personal way—and to learn alongside them in the process.”

Kadejah Brathwaite, who is preparing to enter her senior year of college at Kennesaw State University, said this type of information coming straight to her inbox weekly is right on time.

“I’m interesting in gaining tips on paying off student loan debt and how to devise payment plans that don’t leave me broke,” Brathwaite said. “Overall, I’d be looking for different budgeting tips.”

Content will include topics such as:

  • Ways to tell if you’re overspending
  • Advice on choosing the right bank or credit card
  • How to start saving for retirement, even when you’re broke
  • The unspoken rules of Venmo requesting

Dollar Scholar represents the best of MONEY: smart, accessible and packed with truly useful information,” says Editorial Director of and Finance Content Strategy Adam Auriemma. “We’re excited for our readers to get to know Julia and join her as she shows how a few simple tricks can transform your financial life.”

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