Atlanta Artist Tells Stories Through Folk Music

By Kadejah Brathwaite, Intern

Music found singer and songwriter Anna Field during a season in her life when someone special to her passed away and she didn’t know how to verbally express what she was feeling.

Later, when she graduated from high school and her peers seemingly already knew their next steps, she recalls a different sentiment. “I still hadn’t found anything that I could call my own,” the now 25-year-old says.

So, in her free time, she kept her pen in her hand as writing seemed to be the only way the Smyrna native could understand her emotions.

The clarity came soon after.

With British singer and songwriter Lianne La Havas and American bassist and singer Esperanza Spalding as key musical and storytelling influences, Field’s writing evolved into melodic folk songs that told soothing and comforting stories alongside peaceful sounds – like lullabies. In one song, “YouMe,” Field describes her single season and her choice to manifest self-love. In another, “Air is Free,” she tells the story about realizing that no matter where she is, she belongs.

“I want people to feel peaceful and happy that somebody relates to them,” she says of pushing her folk and indie-inspired music to stand out in the crowd of popular genres. “When I just sing it and I can write it out, it becomes clear to me what is going on. It just makes sense.”

Field has had the opportunity to perform live – singing three original songs and a cover — at Atlanta’s Sofar event, an intimate gig that hosts singers and performers at private locations all over the world. Her recorded her track, “Go,” was also featured on Sofar’s website and accumulated more than a thousand views on YouTube.

Building on that moment, Field is working to expose herself to music theory and to improve her skills as a singer in a genre where she considers artists hard to come by. “I want to prove to myself that I can do it,” Field declares, certain now of the next steps in her musical career. “And once I prove to myself that I can make things happen, everything else will fall into place.”

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