Atlanta City Hall Receives Subpoena Involving Former CFO

The ongoing federal corruption investigation of Atlanta City Hall is expanding.

City of Atlanta’s former chief financial officer, Jim Beard, is the subject of another subpoena, which is seeking records related to gun purchases, travel reimbursements and payroll compensation. Documents reportedly show federal investigators are requesting records related to at least four firearms registered to Beard, including two Glock handguns and two AR 15 rifles.

Jim Beard

They’re also requesting all employment, compensation and tax documents from Beard’s time at City Hall, as well as two invoices.

An attorney for Beard, Scott R. Grubman, issued the following statement:

“As Mr. Beard has consistently stated, he is personally unaware of any wrongdoing by anyone at the City during his tenure as CFO, during which time he was the City’s lead negotiator for the Arena/Gulch transaction and was also finance lead for numerous other transactions designed to bring billions of dollars of investment into our City. After over a year of overturning every rock and sorting through every haystack, the government has been unable to uncover one single piece of evidence against Mr. Beard. Hopefully they will now begin dedicating their limited public resources to more pressing issues such as the rampant gang violence and cyber crimes that are affecting our businesses and residents on a daily basis.”

Other city employees and top City Hall aides also have been under scrutiny. To date, the former chief purchasing officer and deputy chief of staff have pleaded guilty to taking bribes for city construction contracts.


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