Father’s Day Expungement Event Focuses on Second Chance for Fathers

After several successful expungement events around Fulton County where thousands have been assisted, Solicitor General Keith Gammage will host a Father’s Day Expungement Program completely online, making it easier for people to register and qualify. In partnership with the Georgia Justice Project and other community stakeholders, Gammage is targeting 1,000 fathers for this free misdemeanor expungement opportunity – virtually. Anyone with a cellphone can apply for a clean slate without leaving home.

“As a father, I know how important it is to be able for fathers to provide for their families. This program, focused on fathers will allow men who have made a mistake to get a second chance and back on their feet so that they can lead their homes and communities, ” said Gammage. “There is great pride in a hard day’s work and being able to take care of your family. We want to give men a second chance as we celebrate Father’s Day.”

Online registration will begin on June 2 and will close on Father’s Day, June 16.  The program is free and open to the entire public.

The process to expunge a charge usually involves hiring a lawyer and could take up to six months with much of the process being driven by the individual citizen obtaining key documents from agencies; now the process is expedited through this virtual program where citizens will get a clean slate. Recent studies have shown that a cleared record increases the likelihood of employment by 22% and an average yearly income increase of $5,760.

The Office of the Fulton County Solicitor General created a ‘Misdemeanor Expungement Division’  to offer year-round access to apply for criminal record restrictions.

Registration is required at FultonRestorativeJustice.org or call the Solicitor General’s Expungement Hotline at 404.612.4803.

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