Atlanta City Council Approves Road Name Change Aimed at Reducing Safety Concerns 

The Atlanta City Council approved an ordinance Monday renaming part of West Wieuca Road NW to Chastain Park Avenue NW (Legislative Reference No. 19-O-1148). The ordinance aims to decrease safety concerns resulting from confusion between locating an address on West Wieuca Road NW and West Wieuca Road NE.

The Council also approved legislation clarifying there’s no crime related to merely being physically present in an area where illegal drugs are known to be frequently sold or possessed (Legislative Reference No. 19-O-1208). The approved ordinance is related to similar legislation passed in 2007 that repealed a provision making it illegal to be present in a known drug area. The approved ordinance clarifies another provision with similar language in order to create consistency and remove the possibility of a wrongful conviction for a non-crime.

Other items approved Monday include:

• A resolution appointing Derek M. Alphran to the Task Force for the Promotion of Public Trust (Legislative Reference No. 19-R-3447)
• A resolution appointing Mary Anne Gaunt to the Task Force for the Promotion of Public Trust (Legislative Reference No. 19-C-0049)
• An ordinance adjusting the sign-up period for public comments by allowing members of the public to sign up to speak during meetings up until the beginning of the public comment section of the agenda and allowing the municipal clerk to accept sign-up for public comments 105 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the full council meeting (Legislative Reference No. 19-O-1207)
• An ordinance limiting the number of proclamations at full council meetings to five, with each proclamation presentation running no longer than 15 minutes, and allowing exemptions for proclamations for events which take place five days preceding a full council meeting. (Legislative Reference No. 19-O-1155)
• An ordinance authorizing the mayor to enter into a contract with Fulton County to conduct the 2019 Atlanta Board of Education Special Election on Sept. 17, 2019, and if necessary, to conduct a special runoff election to be held on Oct. 15, 2019 (Legislative Reference No. 19-O-1144)

Members of the Council also gave out proclamations in honor of Walt Harris; in recognition of Richard “RT” Parker; in honor of Cleveland Tucker; in recognition of Older Atlantans Month; in honor of Branch 73 of the National Association of Letter Carriers; and in honor of Women in Construction, Engineering and Related Services (WICERS). 


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