Brian Kemp's Office to Be Sued for Purging 700,000 Voters

According to a release, members of the SCLC, Rainbow-PUSH Coalition, the Georgia Coalition for the People’s Agenda, and the New Georgia Project are planning to join with others to file a federal lawsuit against Georgia’s Secretary of State Brian Kemp.
Kemp’s office is accused of using a racially-biased methodology for removing as many as 700,000 legitimate voters from the state’s voter rolls over the past two years.
The suit claims that the secretary of state’s office has not sent notice of the removal to voters. The group says that at a Tuesday news conference they will publish a database containing each of the names of the voters removed since 2017, so that those voters may re-register prior to the state’s October 9 deadline.
The group says the lawsuit was initiated by journalist Greg Palast as part of his research for Rolling Stone magazine. Other similar federal suits will be filed against other state officials around the nation in conjunction with the Georgia suit. They claim that during his research, Palast uncovered a so-called ‘purge list’ from what is called the ‘Crosscheck Program’ allegedly supplied to the secretary of state’s office by Kris Kobach, Kansas Secretary of State.
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