Tavia Forbes and Monet Masters have created an interior design motif that is, in a word, “audacious.”

In execution and affinity, Tavia Forbes and Monet Masters have created an interior design motif that is, in a word, “audacious.” Add to that carefully curated details with touches from your travels, patterns lifted from a favorite outfit with other fond memory catchments, and they will have designed a residential or commercial space that is unmistakably and unapologetically you. Their formula, with all their eclectic leanings: First a connection to the client, then fidelity to design to merge their creativity with the client’s personality. Then come the questions: What is the architectural element in the room? Where are the windows? How tall is the ceiling? What type of flooring is currently laid? Those existing elements and the architectural elements in the space forge their design direction and their collaborative rhythm.
It’s not unlike their creation story.
The two designers met when their paths began overlapping on projects that underscored their like-minds. They decided to join forces when said overlaps meant entrusting one another with their respective clients and finding the endeavor with the existing scaffolding seamless.
Forbes brought her business background to craft client budgets and keep spending in line as well as spearheading meetings, proposal presentations and mood boards; while Masters serves as the consummate task master, who oversees project logistics, manages contractors and organizes installations, working behind the scenes to make sure everything is in order. With her design school background, she takes the reigns on renderings and floor plans for those seeking bespoke spaces.
On any given day, find them both with rolled up sleeves. With Masters creating patterns and handpainting design elements and Forbes wielding a hammer to create and customize furnishings, the team isn’t content unless they’re onsite creating custom elements specific to a design that won’t be seen elsewhere. Just call it, the FORBES + MASTERS aesthetic.
Originally published in Atlanta Tribune: The Magazine, November 2017

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