The Legend of Georgia McBride: Taking Control of Your True Voice

There will come a time in everyone’s life when you will have to make a very important decision to help propel you into your future. Whether you take the opportunity or not is totally up to you. But discovering who you are along the way and what you have to offer is priceless, not only to you but to your family and society as well.

Sean Blake (Miss Tracy Mills) “Mother Drag Queen”

In “The Legend of Georgia McBride,” the audience gets a glimpse of what happens when you do take the chance and discover who you are through the unfolding story of a drag queen. This is not your typical drag queen story. It is a wonderful and electrifying story (musical comedy) with a lot of heart. This play introduced us to the world of drag, diversity, and personal success.

In this musical, we witnessed the transformation of a “straight guy” into a “drag queen” through the character Casey (Nate Santana), who comes into his own with an inspirational message of hope. “The Legend of Georgia McBride” was more than a wardrobe change; it was a life-changing play to understanding the totality of self-expression.

Casey, the down on his luck Elvis impersonator, just wants to take care of his family. However, in the process, he finds out that the small bar where he works is changing the entertainment to a full out “Drag Show,” and in order for him to keep his job there, the Elvis rhinestone costume has to come off and the high heels must come on.

Decisions have to be made quickly because Casey has a very upset wife (Leslie Ann Sheppard) , an overdrawn checking account, late rent and a baby on the way.

Casey reluctantly makes his decision to become a “Drag Queen” at the bar without discussing his new position with his wife. In doing so, a relationship is formed with Miss Tracy Mills (Sean Blake) the “Drag Mother,” who becomes Casey’s mentor and guide.

This new way of making money at this Florida bar has definitely paid off for the bar and Casey in more ways than one. Unlikely individuals are brought together from different walks of life and a family is formed who share the same commonality of personal issues such as finding who you are and owning it when you discover your authentic self.

Playwright Matthew Lopez and Director Lauren Shouse were sure to carry the message of “we are more the same than not” throughout their presentation of a different world of the theatrical musical comedy, leaving us with an unexpected message of love and hope.

We recommend this play because it was more than a feel-good play with remarkable talent on stage. “The Legend of Georgia McBride” came with a lot of laughable moments and sassy wit. Even with the laughter, it was a play that asked you to become open-minded to the differences in the world that may ultimately bring you closer when your sense of benevolence and impartiality have been stimulated.

Northlight Theatre opens its 2017-2018 season with The Chicago Premier of  “The Legend of Georgia McBride”

By Matthew Lopez

Directed by Lauren Shouse

September 14 – October 22

The Cast Includes:

Keith Kupferer: (Eddie)

Nate Santana : (Casey/Georgia McBride)

Leslie Ann Sheppard: (Jo)

Sean Blake: (Miss Tracy Mills)

Jeff Kurysz: (Rexy/Jason)




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