Top Podcasts For Your Work Commute

Whether you’re sitting in traffic or on the train, one way to make your commute to work smoother is by listening to podcasts. Starting your day off by listening to an inspirational, educational, or even funny podcast can motivate you to be the best you that day. Before you know it listening to a podcast will become apart of your morning routine.
Some of the most highly rated podcasts include:

  1. Fresh Air Listener Review:
    1. “There are few podcasts I have continuously listened to and this is one of those few. Ira glass has a beautiful voice and produces beautiful stories. These stories have made me laugh out loud, made me cry out loud, and made me think about the life I live. It’s a beautiful hour that i can’t imagine living without.”fresh air graphic
  2. TED Radio Hour is ranked #8 on the Top Audio Podcasts by Apple. It is hosted by Guy Raz, and is a co-production of NPR & TED. The topics discussed on TED Radio Hour will get the wheels in your brain turning about your life and decisions you make.   ted radio hour
  3. Myleik Teele’s #MyTaughtYou Podcast can be very motivational for entrepreneurs and business owners. Speaking from her experience she gives advice she wish she had when she was younger. Just after a couple episodes you will want to boss up your whole life.myleik podcast

After listening to these you’ll wish your commute was longer.

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