Local teen pens poem 'Black Boy'

Black boy has it all,
but black boy is afraid he’ll fall
Black boy ain’t no sissy,
black boy has to be a man
Ain’t his fault his dad left him
Black boy can’t love his wife
‘cause he a mama’s boy
Black boy can’t play with dolls,
he gotta play with masculine toys
It’s alot he feels within,
black boy tries to wipe off his brown skin
He thinks he’s too dirty,
he can’t get clean
Sits in the bathtub all night,
cries himself to sleep
But what he doesn’t know is that he is a king,
black boys brown beautiful skin is a cherished thing
Black boy gotta play by the rules,
If he don’t then yall gone see him on the news
Black boy can’t play with no cops,
can’t eat no skittles, can’t play hop scotch
Can’t walk down the road,
can’t get a degree
Can’t be woke and can’t be free
Crying, dying and feeling depressed,
black boy is also feeling oppressed
Maybe one day black boy will have it all,
maybe one day black boy can finally stand tall.

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