The Fight Is On

Kai EL'Zabar E Notes Executive Editor
Kai EL’Zabar
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The Fight Is On

Listen, I want to have a conversation with you. A serious conversation with you, because I am very disappointed in the lack of conviction and commitment it takes to be a person of integrity. You either commit to being in integrity or you don’t. Don’t tell me you are not a racist or a misogynist and knowingly vote for one.

I am thinking about the brutal presidential election we’ve all suffered through. And for some of us, the loss of the election to a man like Donald Trump is unbearable. I have gone over it a thousand times in my head and there are some things that do not make sense, except when you realize that most people do not rationalized comprehensively. Instead, they latch on to one aspect of the whole and hang on for dear life, not realizing that the other aspects or elements of the whole impact the outcome of their one interest. So in simple terms, let me put it to you like this. You have to free your mind so that your behind will follow. Freeing the behind can lead the mind, and in all too many cases, that’s exactly what has happened.

I look at the recent election a week ago today, and trust me, I know what a difference a day makes. Too many of us put the behind first. Let me ask you, did you not witness the same horrible and despicable things that Trump said, did, and lied about? Does it not appall you that a man who has zero (maybe 2%) control, is the man who will in effect be determining your future? The lack of control exhibited throughout the campaign, the childish pouting, the bullying behavior,the aggressive talk and, of course, the racist, ethnic, religious, gender, sexist, classist undertones and remarks he has made about people and countries, is that OK with you?

I am appalled by any Black or white person who dares to say that they voted for Trump but does not think of themselves as a racist, or a misogynist. And the white women who voted for Trump are pitiful, brainwashed hopeless dependents who fear not being taken care of by their husbands. While Black women who voted for Trump want to be taken care of by a white man and believe that Trump is the one.
White men, we get it, he’s your brother who promised to restore you to the much grander self you see or desire yourself to be. Black men who voted for Trump: Shame of you because he has no love for you. He doesn’t understand you. He just knows that he can’t let you rise to the top. Just look around. What person of color has been identified thus far for his cabinet, his staff advisers, his confidants? What I see are mostly blond, blue-eyed men who want to raise the elevation of their place in the world as superior by assuring that they exclude others that do not look like them.

Hello Hitler!

If Rudolph Giuliani is appointed Attorney General, God help us because he has always said that he believes in and sanctions “stop and frisk,” as well as profiling. He has been a guest on CNN often to discuss the violence in the streets. And when he discusses police abuse toward Blacks, he is quick to say, “More of them kill each other than the police do,” as if that makes it OK that a police officer kills an unarmed Black man. The fact that more Blacks kill Blacks is no different than the fact that more whites kill whites, or more Asians kill Asians. One has nothing to do with the other. I hope you’re following me, because it points to his inability to apply critical thinking as a consequence to his jaded view of Blacks, shaped by his bias and racist attitudes. On this Newt, Bannon and Trump all agree. So that’s a problem. This will not serve to turn around the issues with the Fraternal Order of Police, which negotiates the contracts for the major urban city police departments. How can we move forward with such backward and racist thinking?

Endorsed by KKK

Further, how can you ignore that the KKK publically supported Trump? What does that mean? Did you think that they were going to vote him in and go quietly away? Well, you thought wrong. Trump has set the standard, that it’s OK to bully/terrorize others, and to be confrontational, to be physical, “beat the crap out of them,” Trump said.

No one has forced him to denounce the KKK, yet they forced Obama to denounce Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Minister Farrakhan. Really? No one said, “About that Birther business, perhaps you should apologize to the president.” And worse, he hasn’t the decency to know that he should. He had the opportunity to when he first met him last Thursday. He didn’t.

I shared on Facebook in response to the first meeting between the president and the president-elect that President Obama is always presidential, he always has faith in the American government. Obama was as he is, calm and sure-footed. We can count on him to be that. He is consistent!

I wish, however, that he had asked to see Trump alone and had just punched him and said, “You know you had that coming. Now let’s begin the transferral of power process. But man, you know you had that coming. And if you didn’t you’re more delusional than I thought.”
Or asked him to the BB court and whupped his ass then and there.

At any rate, they reported on Trump as if he had really turned the corner. He has not.


And I hope that you came to live by test tube or some miraculous conception, because God forbid you have a mother, a wife or a daughter and accept the way Trump has mistreated, misspoken and disrespected women. How do you explain that to your wife, to your mother, your daughters? You tell me. Trump just announced that Steve Bannon, promoter of the Alt Right movement/ideology, will be his chief strategist. He has spent more time attacking people, women, Jews, and abusing his wife, and though they are to share equal status, he will eat Reince Pribus for lunch. He’s a white Nationalist, clear and simple.

And all those who have let it go and forgotten, who are thinking he’s going to come around, have deluded themselves. Well, he is who he is. Let us learn from Maya Angelou, who warned us, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them.”
That goes for my fellow media associates, We cannot afford to believe the hype or create the hype because mainstream media no doubt was a major instrument in his rise to power. He was the clown that they wanted to report on, he was entertaining and he helped the ratings. They followed him everywhere, giving him more air time than anyone else, and so the public met him like never before. And like a snake-oil salesman, he charmed the people–needy, desperate, desiring of attention, and he gave it to them. He said everything that they wanted to hear. He blamed the same people they blamed. He promised to crush the bad guys and make America great again, and they loved it.
People, we can’t shrug our shoulders and say, ‘oh well.’ Yeah, Trump is president, instead we have got to keep fighting the fight if we ever want to win. You’ve got to be in the ring if you want to win.

And we cannot allow the Trump abomination to be accepted as normal. It is not.  

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