Two Atlanta brothers who plotted to kill their parents get 20 years

Photo: Gwinnett County Sheriffs Department
Photo: Gwinnett County Sheriffs Department

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. – Two suburban Atlanta brothers who plotted to kill their parents by trying to blow of the home have been slapped with 20 years each in prison.
Chris and Cameron Ervin accepted plea bargains. Their parents, despite nearly being murdered by their kids, pleaded for mercy, insisting what happened that September 2015 night was simply drug induced.
Christopher Ervin said he and his younger brother were both high on drugs when they tried to blow up their parents’ home by leaving the gas on and lighting candles. Their parents were asleep after the sons had spiked their drinks earlier in the evening.
Police said when the house didn’t explode, the brothers went back into the home, beat their parents, repeatedly stabbed their dad and tried to suffocate their mom.
“Am I redeemable? I believe so,” Christopher Ervin told court Monday, according to WSBTV. “The facts in this case, that’s me at my absolute worst.
“I’m extremely regretful, remorseful, and just overall sorry beyond explanation for this situation,” Cameron Ervin said.
The parents escaped — battered and bloodied — and full of forgiveness.

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