Sen. Cory Booker says he is inspired by Clinton presidency

When New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker swung stopped at the PV Lounge in Detroit on Monday to encourage voters to elect Hillary Rodham Clinton the nation’s next president and first woman president, local citizens greeted him enthusiastically and genuinely embraced his message of hope and support.
“I am really excited about the prospect of Secretary Clinton, who is probably one of the best policy minds in the country,” he said adding, “she and I have already talked at length about criminal justice reform and the urgency with which we need to act … to how to create the right tax policy to create economic growth in cities. ”
Booker, whose mother is a native Detroiter and whose grandfather was a card carrying member of the UAW during World said Clinton uses a comprehensive approach for resolving problems, foregoing quick fixes for long term and permanent solutions.
“She knows there no silver bullet for fixing [complicated] problems and that we have to look at a lot of different ways for moving the ball for our cities.”
During Booker’s address at the Democratic National Convention, he emphatically expressed his support for the Clinton/Kaine ticket, saying that it would continue to build on the gains of the current administration.
“This is an administration that wants to continue the Obama legacy,” he said. “What we have seen with Obama is a guy who has taken our economy from free fall, where we had to get out of the ditch that we were in from the previous [president] and the previous years, to get where we are now where we have month after month of sustained growth. What Hillary Clinton will do now, is increase the pace of that growth and make sure it’s more far reaching.”
Booker added that he was confident that Clinton was prepared to immediately put in place programs and policies that would accelerate economic growth and make the economy “hum.”
“Probably the most interesting thing is massive investment in infrastructure development … to put people to work right away as well as promote solid growth. I know she wants to focus on education and entrepreneurship.”
Booker, who many speculate will be the nation’s second black president said that while he was flattered, he had no announcement to make. My objective is to get Hillary Clinton in there and see her enjoy a successful two-term presidency.

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