Atlanta waitress murders her boss because of a car loan

TUCKER, Ga. — A murderous couple devised the robbery and then killed he owner of a suburban Atlanta restaurant – all because of a $140 car loan.
The woman, Imani Burns, 20, who was a waitress at the Mai Thai restaurant that was owned by the victim, Somphot “Joey” Armsuck, 33, asked Armsuck if she could work more hours to pay down a loan she took out with TitleMax for her car
The owner agreed to help Burns, telling her that she could come to work anytime. But when she asked for an advance on the money and he refused, that’s when the owner’s fate was sealed.
Burns and her boyfriend, Jarvis Stanford, 23, devised a scheme to rob Aromsuk. According to Fox5Atlanta, the pair sat in the boyfriend’s car on Sept. 10 and smoked marijuana as they waited in the parking lot off Hugh Howell Road for the restaurant to close.
When the owner closed the store and walked outside, the boyfriend stuck a gun in the owner’s direction and demanded that he hand over the money in the safe deposit box. When he refused, he was fatally shot twice and Stanford and Burns took off with $800.
Stanford reportedly gave Burns $200, gave himself another $200 and then handed the rest to the mother of his child.
The couple did not give thought to the fact that there was surveillance cameras in the area that captured the robbery and murder. Also, a nearby security guard saw parts of the crime. DeKalb police were quickly able to track down the suspects.
The couple are holed up in DeKalb County Jail with charges of murder.
Photos: DeKalb County Jail


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