White Georgia cop fired for racist posts about black drivers

MCINTOSH COUNTY, Ga. — And they wonder why black folks are sometimes afraid of being pulled over, particularly outside the Atlanta metro area in rural Georgia. With this mentality already in place in some police officers, what kind of disposition are they in when they pull over black and minority drivers?
A white Georgia officer has been fired after posting a series of racist Facebook posts about African American drivers. An internal affairs investigation by the sheriff’s department revealed the officer posted many racist and sexist memes, comments and photos on his personal social media account, the AJC reports.
Another officer who was revealed to be posting similarly vile and derogatory comments abruptly resigned from the police agency.
The two McIntosh County sheriff’s deputies patrolled the area of Interstate 95 in South Georgia. They fired off offensive jokes at regular intervals via Facebook.
One officer referred to “colored people” and another used the word “n—— ,” according to records reviewed by The AJC.
The other officer posted an image of Martin Luther King Jr. and desecrated his most famous speech.
“I have a dream. That one day my people will not act like animals,” posted Brant Gaither, the McIntosh deputy who was terminated July 25.


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