Bill O'Reilly says slaves who built White House were treated well

You just knew that FOX News and Bill O’Reilly could not let the best speech of the Democratic National Convention, the one delivered elegantly and eloquently by first lady Michelle Obama, go without sharp rebuffs.
The point of contention that irked O’Reilly and his mindless minions was that Obama had the audacity to mention that she “wakes up everyday in a White House built by slaves,” and that her daughters play on the White House lawn.
The problem for O’Reilly is that he really could not stick a dagger in the first lady. She was historically accurate in her statement of who built the White House. Since he could not go after her in that regard, O’Reilly tried to paint a portrait of benevolent slave masters who treated the “hired slaves” fairly and that they had decent housing and food.
How can anyone “hire” a slave, who works for free and without any other compensation, is beyond me. Feeding them is not compensation because if you don’t feed slaves, you will soon not have any slaves to do free labor.
Take a look at O’Reilly at his most ridiculous
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