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downloadA federal lawsuit was filed yesterday against the Chicago Board of Elections and its General Counsel, James Scanlon.

In a statement from Gregory E. Kulis and Associates LTD, the law firm representing the plaintiffs, poll monitors that allegedly witnessed audit results being changed stated “At the audit conducted at the Chicago Board of Elections warehouse at 1869 W. Pershing Rd in Chicago, numerous monitors observed that the “official” results repeatedly did not match up to the “paper tape” printouts from voting machines used by early voters.”

Further, the statement said  “It became apparent that the individuals conducting the audit on behalf of Chicago Board of Elections had a clear practice and policy to confirm the “official” results generated by the electronic voting equipment even where it did not align with the “paper tape” printout of the votes actually cast.”

The Chicago Defender warned you that this was possibly happening in a story we published online, March 14, 2016. Bronzeville resident, Harold Lucas alleged that this very situation had happened to him.

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