Dwayne Wade Exposes His Naked Truth

Dwayne Wade poses for the ESPN Magazine 2016 Body Issue
Dwayne Wade poses for the ESPN Magazine 2016 Body Issue

by Kai EL’ Zabar
Thirty-four year-old NBA Champ, Dwayne Wade, of the Miami Heat steps out of his personal comfort zone and after seven years of saying no allowed ESPN The Magazine capture his “Naked truth,” in its upcoming 2016 Body Issue out on the stands July 6.
Wade, a three time NBA Champion and a 13-year NBA veteran reveals that though he’s always had a strong and healthy physique showing it off has not come easy. He revealed to ESPN’s Morty Ain, that he was inwardly more the fat kid emotionally. He was always body conscious and kept his shirt on as a child when everyone else was taking their shirt off to jump in the water.
Interestingly enough he admits that he is aware that others might find that hard to believe, because they think that he looks good. For Wade, it was a deciding moment, according to ESPN, the NBA Champ said, “It was uncharted water for me . . . It was one of those moments where it’s good to overcome a fear of something.”
Dwayne Wade sports his "Naked Truth" for ESPN Magazine on sale July 6, 2016
Dwayne Wade sports his “Naked Truth” for ESPN Magazine on sale July 6, 2016


For Wade it was more than an exposé of his body but the opportunity to conquer a fear and then share that with others.
According to ESPN, the 13-year NBA veteran said, “It’s bigger than me showing my body off. That’s not as important to me as telling a story of overcoming a fear. It hopefully gives someone confidence to really be their authentic self.”

For all those who have observed him play ball on the court and watched his body in motion showcasing the athleticism of a strong agile capable baller and imagined what his extraordinary body looked like uncovered, the reveal is not disappointing.
As bodies go, his is beautiful, perfectly toned, sculptured as a refined slab of ebony smooth and polished, exposing the cut muscles that emerge from the right diet and exercise that Wade provides it.

Still, Wade says in the ESPN interview, “People might think it’s simple, but for me it was hard to even feel comfortable walking around naked when it’s just me and my wife. So the thought of doing it at a photo shoot in front of people [laughs] — it was like, “No way ever.”
He further explains, “In my underwear line, Naked, we have this thing called the “Naked Truth” — and my naked truth, I always say, is me being my authentic self . . .. You know what, nothing is clearer than this, being my authentic self.” Right here is just me baring it all.

Dwayne Wade balling without shame for ESPN Magazine, Body Issue 2016
Dwayne Wade balling  authentically for ESPN Magazine, Body Issue 2016

This is as authentic as it gets. I always joke when I’m with people, “I’m always naked now” [laughs]. I’m always naked in my everyday life. That’s because I either have on Naked underwear or no clothes at all.
Wade is one of ten men and nine women will appear in the magazine, which announced the athlete list for the eighth annual Body Issue on Tuesday. The featured participants include Team USA duathlete Chris Mosier, who will be the first transgender athlete to pose.

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