Bernie Sanders Win Indiana Primary

berniesanderspic2NEW ALBANY, Ind. – U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders issued the following statement on Tuesday after The Associated Press projected that he won the Indiana primary.

Sanders edged ahead with 57.2 percent and 42 delegates with Hillary Clinton falling behind at 47.3 percent and carrying 36 delegates.

“I want to thank the people of Indiana for the great upset victory that they gave us tonight. This is the 18th state that we have won, and we expect more victories in the weeks to come.

“The Clinton campaign thinks this campaign is over. They’re wrong. Maybe it’s over for the insiders and the party establishment, but the voters in Indiana had a different idea. The campaign wasn’t over for them. It isn’t over for the voters in West Virginia. It isn’t over for Democrats in Oregon, New Jersey and Kentucky. It isn’t over for voters in California and all the other states with contests still to come.

“We understand that we have an uphill climb to victory but we have been fighting uphill from the first day of this campaign. We are in this campaign to win and we’re going to fight until the last vote is cast. There is nothing I would like more than to take on and defeat Donald Trump, someone who must never become president of this country.

“The voters in the remaining contests deserve a chance to compare my record and Hillary Clinton’s record on creating jobs, raising the minimum wage, war and peace, the need for health care for all, breaking up big banks, combating climate change and other critical issues. To help voters make the best-informed choice possible, I hope that Secretary Clinton will agree to a date and place for a debate in California.”

Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton
Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton

Democratic Presidential candidate and former Secretary Hillary Clinton leads with 2,201 pledged delegates, maintaining her lead over Sanders with 1,399 pledged delegates. Sanders is hopeful that his gradual climb will be enough to maintain his campaign as both candidates prepare for the Democratic Convention in August.

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