Justin Bieber gets slammed for disrespecting Prince

We thought that Justin Bieber had turned a corner in his life from being a drugged-out scumbag. But apparently he has not.
In the aftermath of Prince’s death on Thursday morning, April 21, Justin Bieber disrespected the Purple One even as his soul ascended to the heavens.
Justin Bieber angered Prince fans by having the audacity to even utter the words that the music icon was “not the last greatest living performer,” attempting to steal the spotlight just hours after the award-winning superstar died.
The ignorant, infantile comment came after songwriter Andrew Watt wrote a poignant tribute to the late legendary Prince on Instagram Thursday.
Bieber quickly tried to steal Prince’s thunder while the world mourned.
After this statement, social media quickly pounced on and pummeled Bieber. Take a look at what they had to say:

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