Joyce Reed hosts 'Speechless No More' Fashion Show to combat rampant sexual assault (photos)

ATLANTA — Remarkable woman and author Joyce Reed has gone from victim to victor by flipping the script on her living hell. Unlike many other victims of sexual crimes, Reed put meaning behind her searing and tortuous pain of multiple rapes (including by her own father) that turned her life into one continuous car crash. She has turned tragedy into triumph by penning a powerful and poignant book, Hurt Used to Live Here, created the “Hurt 2 Heal” foundation, invented a line of unique defense weapons and has become a major spokesperson against the crimes of incest, rape and other forms sexual violence.

Joyce Reed, center, author of "Hurt Used to Live Here," at the "Speechless No More" Fashion Show. Kathy Patterson-Taylor, right, helped coordinate the gala via her Tell All Inc. firm (Photos by Terry Shropshire for Atlanta Daily World and Real Times Media.
Joyce Reed, center, author of “Hurt Used to Live Here,” at the “Speechless No More” Fashion Show. Georgia State Rep. Erica Thomas is left, and Kathy Taylor, right, helped coordinate the gala via her Tell All Inc. firm (Photos by Terry Shropshire for Atlanta Daily World and Real Times Media.)

This past week, Reed and her team also facilitated a spectacular “Speechless No More” fashion show that helps illuminate and put a voice on the national shame that America fails to put enough emphasis on: stopping people, particularly young girls and boys, from becoming victims of unwanted sexual crimes that destroy innocent lives, sometimes forever.
It is apropos that the event was held now as April is Sexual Assault Awareness month.
Kathy Taylor’s Tell All Inc. coordinated the “Speechless No More” gala at, most appropriately, former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Dwight Eubanks’ Purple Door Salon near downtown Atlanta. The fashion show was handled by renowned artistic director Jocynthia Mason, while Taylor and host Shay McCray flossed with dressed created through Nate Hutson designs. Marie Williams belted out a riveting song, “God has His hands on Me,” that brought Reed to tears, while Pumpkin Harris Byrd performance punctuated a powerful evening. Quincy Bonds (“House of Payne”) served as the DJ. The prestigious proceedings were also sponsored  Nigel V Walwyn’s delicious adult beverage Ou Oui.
Reed urged everyone, victims and non-victims to join the fight the silent American epidemic called sexual assault. Folks who want to get involved by purchasing a copy of her book, Hurt Used to Live Here, donating to her Hurt 2 Heal Foundation, and supporting her nail polish lines and patronizing her self defense weapons line. For more information, log onto or click on her Twitter page @iamurvoice.
Take a look at the photographic highlights from the event by flipping the e-page.

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