Pittsburgh woman shot to death after turning down man at a bar


The sister of a Pennsylvania state representative was murdered by a man just because she spurned his advances inside of a bar.
She died because she said ‘no.’
Janese Talton-Jackson, 29, a mother of three from Penn Hill, was shot in the chest at close range in the Homewood section of Pittsburgh after leaving a bar. After she turned the man down, he reportedly followed her out of the bar to her car and shot her in cold blood.
She was the sister of State House Rep. Ed Gainey. He has yet to make a statement on the tragedy as of press time.
According to Pittsburgh’s Action 4 News, Officers responded to a report of gunfire at N. Lang Avenue and Upland Street at around 1:50 a.m. Police spotted a silver vehicle and made a traffic stop on Charles McKinney, 41. During the stop, officers received a dispatch stating that a woman had been gunned down in the area. The announcement was loud enough for McKinney to hear it and he peeled off to allude arrest.
The officers chased McKinney and shot at the suspect because he had been deemed to commit a homicide. The chase ended after McKinney crashed into an unoccupied car that was parked. He was then transported to the hospital before being released into police custody.
In addition to murder, McKinney was also slapped with charges of aggravated assault, possessing a firearm without a license, fleeing the police, possession with intent to deliver, reckless driving and reckless endangerment.
Authorities confirm that the incident began when McKinney attempted to talk to Talton-Jackson at a bar, but when she turned him down and left the bar, he followed her out and shot her in the chest.
The two officers involved in shooting the suspect are now on administrative leave while the District Attorney’s Office investigates the incident.
Photo: Allegheny County Sheriffs Department

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