Hundreds of flights cancelled at Atlanta airport

Buffalo, N.Y.
Buffalo, N.Y.

Thousands of fliers are stranded temporarily as hundreds of flights into and out of Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport were cancelled or delayed Saturday.
Despite the fact that Atlanta only witnessed traces of snow and ice on Saturday afternoon, the same storm slammed major cities along the Eastern Seaboard and Northeast. At least 338 flights cancelled out of Hartsfield-Jackson were destined for New York, New Jersey, Washington, D.C., or Philadelphia, according to multiple media reports. winter storms
The 400 or so flights with cancelled or delayed arrivals at Hartsfield-Jackson originated from the same cities.
Flight tracking service FlightAware said more than 5,500 flights to, from or within the U.S. were canceled this weekend due to the blizzard hitting the East Coast. The bulk of Saturday’s nearly 4,300 cancelations were at airports in the New York City and Washington areas. Another 1,200 flights were canceled for Sunday.
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