Panthers' Tedd Ginn Jr. gets roasted for dropping another long pass

As lifetime Ohio State loyalist, it is painful to watch the Carolina Panthers wide receiver Tedd Ginn Jr. continue to drop and fumble away very catchable balls thrown to him.
The former Buckeye, who has Olympic track speed but bricks for hands, dropped a sure touchdown pass during the Panthers overtime game against the Indianapolis Colts.
Luckily, the Panthers were able to get a miracle catch from superstar tight end Greg Olsen, who did with one hand what Ginn could not do with two: catch the ball. The Panthers managed to regain the upper hand in overtime and win on a field goal, 29-26. But it shouldn’t have been that hard, except for the fact that Ginn cannot be trusted to catch the ball.
Ginn was mauled on social media for his career-long ineptitude and incompetence at the receiver position, despite being one of the speediest receivers of the modern era, if not of all time.


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