Funniest Twitter reactions to Khloe and Lamar calling off divorce

Twitter-sphere lost its mind when it found out that, after all Lamar Odom put Khloe Kardashian through, she immediately took him back after his near-death overdose experience at a whorehouse in the middle of the Nevada desert.
Social media found it incredulous that Kardashian completely forgave OdomĀ — and asked her lawyer to successfully have the judge cancel the divorce proceedings — after he sexed down two women at the cathouse and injected himself with both heroin and cocaine, basically a recklessly whoring crack addict who was spiraling quickly towards death.
Ironically, his overdose save not only his life but his marriage to Kardashian. And she wasted no time wasting NBA superstar James Harden in the process. And Twitter had a field day laughing over it. Check out the most hilarious tweets about the two getting back together.

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